Embroidered Polo Shirts – The Personalised Uniform item of choice


Embroidered polo shirts have become one of the most common items of branded workwear that can be easily customised with your logo and brand values – whether it’s embroidered or printed the personalised polo shirt has become one of the most popular elements of a uniform that we produce.
A personalised polo shirt is a great advertisement for your business, with each staff member’s uniform your brand message and values are communicated consistently across your workforce – making it one of the easiest ways to gain additional business and build your brand.

So what makes the embroidered polo shirt such a popular choice for a staff uniform today ?    

1. Universal appeal!

An embroidered polo shirt is a general piece of clothing that we all wear, you probably already have some in your wardrobe, whether they are promotional polo shirts or branded polo shirts, they have become a universal item of clothing. Polo shirts are also unique in that they can be dressed up as part of a smart uniform with trousers and shoes or worn more relaxed and casual with jeans and and trainers – which means they can suit many business needs.
Polo shirts also fit really well and are comfortable – there’s an array of styles, sizes, colours and material mixes that means a polo shirt can suit almost any requirement and an embroidered logo always looks smart on one.

2. Value for money!

A quality polo shirt that has been embroidered well can last for years. Check your wardrobe and I bet that you have a few polo shirts that are a few years old that you still wear and it still looks good. All you have to do is to make sure it’s cared for correctly and it will last you years, so they are always great value for money! @ www.arkwrights-embroidery-print.com

3. Versatile!

There’s lots of choice with a polo shirt, a host of colours, styles and materials to choose from which makes it easy for you to create a unique look for your business. There’s a polo shirt that would be ideal for your business, for instance some polo shirts use technology advanced materials so that they are rapid drying which is ideal for a Golf Club or any other business activity  where you can get wet. Whether you’re considering an embroidered or printed polo shirt for your event, promotion, business or golfing, you can be sure to find a polo shirt that suits your requirement or situation.
So when choosing your personalised uniform consider the strengths of the polo shirt; it’s universal appeal, value for money and it’s versatility for your business. You can choose a colour to enhance your brand that will suit your embroidered logo and brand message.

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