Corporate clothing colours matter

Corporate clothing is all about the colour, but are you using it correctly? You can stir certain emotions from your customers by getting clever with colour and working it into your branding. Follow our colour advice which will help make a more informed choice when it comes to purchasing your staff uniforms from
Green is the colour of nature and symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Green also has a strong correspondence with safety and calm so those businesses who need to build an emotional attachment with customers should consider using this colour across their company branding.
Black is a strong a powerful colour and denotes strength and authority. Considered to be a formal, elegant and prestigious colour, it is a wardrobe staple for many as it can be worn so easily with others colours in the spectrum. A favourite colour for wearers due to its slimming properties and a safe option for large corporations who need to boast power and authority in business.
Wearing white can induce feelings of safety, purity and cleanliness. White is also seen as an efficient colour and many high-tech gadgets and appliance brands use this to build feelings of confidence in their products. Businesses should also consider using white if they are trying to promote a message of health, hygiene or safety.
The colour Brown is a serious, down-to-earth colour signifying stability, structure and support. It has a wholesome feeling with its earthy tones reminding us of natural and organic produce, agriculture and farming. A great colour for food manufacturers and brands that want to promote a message of the family.
A colour that provokes high arousal, Red is great to stimulate decision making and inspire action from customers. It’s exciting and dangerous and has its uses when a business wants a customer to be re-active and assertive to its messages. Often used in retail environments to create urgency.
The colour purple signifies luxury, exuberance and prosperity. A deep, plush colour that is used to elevate a product and give it a feeling of opulence. Historically a colour only worn by the rich, it’s now used by businesses who want to add a touch of elegance and in -turn make customers feel very special.
A common colour found splashed across office walls, Blues inspires productivity in a very non-invasive manner. It can induce feelings of calm and is a very trusty, dependable colour that is also often used in company logos. Blue doesn’t shout, it’s reassuring and friendly and is a great colour for businesses who want to promote a cool, ‘no pressure’ approach

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